My very first blog was created in 2005 and because I love most things pink, the blog was called "Pink Talks". The "talk" part was taken from my other talent. There's no denying that I talk a lot (sometimes). Try me (or ask my husband!)

Truth is, I created that blog because of my dead-end job. Blogging became a way of channeling my energy on something creative. It was also a therapy for my lonely soul. I'm not saying that bloggers are lonely people! 
Pink Talks thrived for 5 years but I took it down when I struggled with blogger's block.
I suddenly didn't know what to talk about on my blog anymore.
All 5 years gone in one click.

Did I regret it? Yes and no.
But it's alright; I slept through the night.

I attempted to resurrect my interest in blogging numerous times and failed as many times as I tried. The reasons for my failures had solutions to them but I was simply a try-hard blogger-wannabe who couldn't see beyond my limitations. Looking back now, I really didn't have a clear purpose why I wanted to blog again. So after my millionth blog failed, I took a break from the blogosphere and gathered my thoughts. Seven hundred eighty eight cups of coffee later (and counting)....ta-dah! I'm writing again!

So, why blog? I do it because:
I want to remember
what I do
with what I have
wherever I am.

Someday I'll look back at the things I've written whether good or bad, happy or sad. I want to keep a treasure of memories here, a time capsule if I may say. Here is where I do my introspecting, musing and dreaming. Where my thoughts could run free. Where my ambiversion is celebrated. Where my own kind of art is shared. 

God has given me the ability to think, create and write. Let my words serve as gift to the One and Only God who enabled me to do such things.

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