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My name is Sweet, a nickname given to me by my Dad. You're probably wondering why he chose an adjective for candy. Yeah, I get that a lot. He gave me a cool way of introducing myself to people everywhere I go. One day I asked him why this nickname and he proudly said, "You're our firstborn, the product of two people in love a.k.a sweethearts - therefore, I call you Sweet." Okay, pretty clever. My real name was still his idea. He combined his name with my mother's name which of course leads to another story altogether.

I was born in the Philippines on a rainy July morning. When I was a kid, it always rained everytime my parents would take me somewhere. Weird. I'm not sure if rain is my twin sister. Most of my birthday celebrations were held indoors, until I moved to California where July is tank top and flip flop season! I'm not a huge fun of sun and heat, but having my birthday in the summer? So nice for a change.

California is my home now. This is where I married Josh: my best friend, soul mate, confidant rolled into one. I'm so blessed to be the wife of a wonderful man who does his best to show how much he loves me. Our love story has been tested by time and distance but by God's grace we made it through and even got married twice!

This blog is mostly about my experiences, the places I've been to, the people I love, the things I cherish, the dreams I have and the faith that I hold on to. When I'm off my blog, I'm busy taking care of my husband, drinking coffee or sipping tea, collecting stories, trying a new recipe or working out for some endorphin release. On other days, I work and try to be awesome because that's the way we do it in Silicon Valley! *wink, wink*

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

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