Me at 36!

Where does time go? No one really knows. My guess is that God collects all the time you've had on earth and stores them in a special box so that one day when you meet Him, He will review your life story and ask you which part of it you liked best, which season was the hardest and which moments taught you the greatest lessons. But that's just my imagination. 

I turned 36 years old yesterday and there's a part of me that couldn't believe it. Hence the question I wrote in the beginning of this post. 

Every year my husband has two questions for me on my birthday.

1. How does it feel to turn another year older?
2. What are your birthday thoughts and wishes? 

The answer to his first question is always, "I feel the same way I did on my last birthday." I don't feel old - that's what I meant. People even tell me all the time that I look young for my age. Why, thank you people! Please keep those compliments coming, haha! : ) I do what I can to take care of myself but will you judge me if I've been skipping gym time lately? I promise I won't tell anyone about the half dozen donuts you inhaled in one sitting. Fair enough? : )

My birthday was celebrated in a small and simple way. At first, our plan was to invite some of our friends for lunch but I changed my mind when I realized the cost. Before you call me stingy, read on. We already spent money when we traveled to Utah on the first week of July so for me that trip was more than enough for an advanced birthday treat. 

The goal is to save up so you can "live it up" and by "living it up" I mean to be able to live comfortably and decently. I don't have a very active social life so I don't live it up that way. If you're getting older but you're not getting wiser (in this case, financially) then you're doing it wrong. I mean, come on, I like our friends - but a quiet dinner for 2 was what I preferred (hint: introvert). We had dinner at a Thai restaurant of my choosing where they served us my favorite pad see ew. For appetizer we shared their nutty prawns and then my husband ordered the duck curry which I thought was the most delicious duck curry I've ever tasted. Then for dessert, my husband got me a cute bundt cake for us to share. Did I make a wish and blow my candle? Sure I did. All captured on video and photos. 
I received a surprise gift from my husband on the eve of my birthday. He gave me a beautiful necklace with a pink pearl pendant. It looked pretty as it hung on my neck. He said that he had to secretly take a photo of my pearl earrings to give him an idea of what necklace would perfectly match them. How sweet!

Now on to my birthday thoughts and wishes...if you ask me what I'm thinking about and wishing for, prepare for a deluge of (random) ideas and hopeful desires. I came up with a list because, well, you know it's my go-to tactic to clearly share my thoughts (my mind goes a mile a minute, so listing it down helps me focus). 

1. This getting older thing is something that does not scare me or depress me. Aging happens to all. 

2. As I get older, I discover new things about my personality that I didn't pay attention to before. It's worth it to have a deeper understanding of myself since I almost always think I'm weird. 

3. I've forgiven people who hurt me. When I forgive, I set myself free. Forgiveness is really for my own good. 

4. There really is a fair-weather type of friend so I'm being careful on who I give my energy to. 

5. Being a difficult person is different from being a person who is having a difficult time. I have Ann Voskamp to thank for that. 

6. I wish to travel more. 

7. I wish to one day work from home. I just wish I know how to successfully make that happen. 

8. I have joy down in my soul. A fulfilled life is an inside job. 

9. I am enough. Because of what Jesus did on the cross for me, I am enough. May I never forget this golden truth.

10. My life is my art. Thank you Lord for this life and for helping me to become creative with it. 

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