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I am not a career-oriented individual. That might confuse anyone who just read my previous post because I spent weeks applying and interviewing to finally get the job. But let me say it again, I am not career-oriented. I live and work in the Silicon Valley with my husband (who is very driven to succeed in his engineering career) but my mindset is not like the rest of the SV folks whose days begin and end with conference calls, trying to figure out the next best technology that will change the world. I am simply content with the job that I have and I don't have the desire to be promoted to a higher job title. I work as an Executive Assistant to the CFO of a successful tech company. Nothing goes if the CFO says no. My responsibilities include managing his daily work schedule, ensuring that I connect people to him so urgent matters are discussed and running his daily office operations smoothly. 

Is my job boring to you? It doesn't bother me. I will not trade the freedom, work load and schedule that I have with a high corporate job title that will stress me out and rob me of my precious time with the person I want to be with the most - my husband. Some would say that I could earn more if I aim for a management position -- excuse me, who said that money is all that matters? If we're not careful, money can fool us to think that it is the main goal. It is not. Money is just a tool. I am happy to earn a decent salary with the work I do and I know that financial increase can happen if I perform my job well. The responsibilities (in other words: headache!) that come with a management position do not sound appealing to me, so no, thank you. 

But let's say for example I have a high-paying corporate job. What good does it really bring when I'm tied to my  office desk and can't even take a week off to go on vacation with my loved ones? And is it really worth it to earn so much money and have the respect of the business community when my husband hates me because I'm never present when he needs me? I don’t think I am capable of handling a demanding job that pays a lot but ruins my life in the end. 

My marriage matters more to me than my job. My life outside of the office is my priority. I don’t speak for everyone as I am sure there are married couples who can successfully manage their busy careers and personal lives even when both of them are very career-oriented. But in our case, I have decided that only one person should be highly focused on career and the other should fully support that goal. I chose to support the career goals and dreams of my husband and let him soar to achieve them. My role is to encourage his creativity and leadership. We’re a team. Our marriage is fun and thriving because we find balance in everything we do. 

As for me, I work because:
1. I am an adult with bills to pay. (Haha!)
2. I want to help my husband build a good future for both us.
3. I want to earn money to give back to the community, help people and travel to many different countries.
4. I want to use the skills I've been given. 
5. Work is a gift from God. 

While I applaud the go-getters, achievers and glass ceiling breakers, I also praise ordinary people who have found satisfaction and contentment by working steadily and faithfully in their chosen jobs - even if they never get promoted. I praise those people who go out there and work diligently everyday, unbothered by whether they move up the career ladder or not. I salute industrious and reliable employees. Some of you may just be like me who prefer the stability of a simple job, without prestigious titles before your names, just waking up early everyday to get things done and provide for your family. I am cheering for you!

What I'm saying is if you are happy with where you're at in your career, good for you. If you've found something that strikes a perfect balance between office and home life, good for you. If you're career-oriented and can still take care of yourself and your most important relationships, good for you. 

"Don't you have big dreams? Don't you want to be the boss?" -- let me tell you something: I do have dreams and they may not be as big as yours but they are my dreams and I want to achieve them. Besides, what's wrong with small dreams? Do not despise the day of small beginnings! (Zechariah 4:10) I don't have to or want to be the boss. I can lead in my own little way without being called "boss". 

Does it mean I advocate complacency and laziness when I say I am not career-oriented? No, don’t take it the wrong way. My point is whatever legal and decent job your hands find to do, do it well. If you believe that your current job is what you want to do until you retire, do it well. 

I am not career-oriented, rather I am life-oriented. You can choose the kind of life you want to live. May you enjoy the path you have chosen. 

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