praise report: yay, new job!

There is no better way to say it ---

I got the job! Yes! Praise God!

Let me give you a little history of how this good news came. A few days before this job was offered to me, my recruiter informed me that I was a finalist for the role and I'd get a status update before the weekend. So I waited. I prayed. I kept reliving the scenes in the meeting room where I had my interviews. I debated whether my answers to their questions satisfied them or not. Did I impress them? I wondered how good the other candidate was. A hundred other anxious thoughts swam through my head. I held my breath. My hope was dissipating as Monday came because no one called or emailed me about the result. I kept my laptop and phone beside me at all times. I didn't want to miss the news - whatever it is, I 'd take it. Minutes became hours. I started to believe the other person got the job. I got up and went to our bedroom feeling so discouraged and defeated. I wanted to hide. I was tired. 

And then my phone rang. It was my recruiter. I didn't know how to feel or what to say to her. I wasn't nervous, not even excited to hear whatever she was going to tell me.

Recruiter: Hello, how are you?
Me: Hi, I'm good. (I tried to sound so cheerful but who was I kidding? I was not feeling good!) Thanks for calling me back. What's up? 
Recruiter: So, we just got the confirmation from (insert company name here) and they wanted you to join the team! Congratulations, you got the job!
Me: (stunned, could not believe what I just heard!) Oh wow, really! That's great! 
Recruiter: They want to know if you can start next Monday.
Me: (trying not to cry) I can definitely start on Monday. 


What just happened? What did God just do to me? Isn't He amazing? He heard my prayers and the many prayers that my husband prayed on my behalf! God proved His faithfulness to me again. This is another one for the books. 

Please excuse me while I do my happy dance!

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