List Love // Week Forty Four: Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self

Dear Sweet,

Do you still remember what you did as a teenager? Can you laugh at your younger self or do memories from that period make you cry? I saw you transition from being a playful child to becoming a young lady whose struggles were so real. You had no money to get a better haircut. You couldn't buy the clothes you wanted either. You relied on what your Mother gave you or what your aunt(s) handed down to you. You were serious about school and no one had to tell you to do your homework.

During those times you also got busy preparing for your upcoming high school graduation. You were anxious and stressed about the college application you submitted to the Univesity of the Philippines. You wanted to study Broadcast Journalism because you thought you were going to be a news writer or reporter. You were so set on taking that course that every time you're asked for a second choice you just frowned. You're responsible yet quite rebellious. You're kind but you are also firm in your ways. You're crazy and that's okay.

I want to tell you some things that you may not have known, realized or understood back then. Shall I start?

-You didn't know you like making lists until year 2015. Haha!

-Your friends will change no matter how much they told you that you can always count on them. Don't lose heart, though, because you will have a deeper and more meaningful friendship later on.

-It's arright if you're not good in Math. You won't need Algebra on your first job.

-The boys you liked/had a crush on were not worth it. What were you thinking?

-Thank you for NOT drinking, NOT smoking, NOT doing drugs and NOT having pre-marital sex.

-The people who teased/bullied you won't and don't matter.

-Stop being an idiot when it comes to "love or romance". Wait for God's best for you.

-Al this time you thought you're an extrovert; no you are not. You're "a highly functioning introvert".

-Take care of your teeth. Or better yet your overall health.

-Let them think you're weird.

-Develop your skills and interests.

-Your dreams of seeing the world will come true. You will not just travel, you will also live thousands of miles away from the Philippines and it will be good for you.

-Don't say you'll never marry (because you will and you'll say that marrying is one of the best things you ever did!)

-You don't always have to fit in.

-Do not be afraid to ask. Do not feel insecure if you do not know the answer. No one knows everything.

-You are strong and independent. Use it for good.

-Your dad may have passed away but you will be alright.

-Not everything they said would be true for you. Life will require you to make decisions for yourself.

-Your sense of style will improve. I promise.

-Being cool and popular (in school or anywhere else) is not the whole point. Really.

-Pay attention to how you carry yourself. Confidence is a strong suit.

-Let go of people and things that don't add value to your life.

-Set boundaries.

-Thank you for being a good daughter.

-Someday you will find your best friend.

-Read good books.

-Get to know JESUS CHRIST. He is love and life!


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